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McGlasson ISTH Posters: Glucosamine and Chromogenic FVIII

I’ve just returned from the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis biannual meeting in Boston, where I had the opportunity to assist Dave McGlasson with three posters:

McGlasson DL, Fritsma GA. Platelet aggregation suppression by glucosamine supplement


McGlasson DL, Patino G, Shah AD, Rubal BJ. Study of platelet activity in routine and acute coronary angiography


McGlasson DL, Fritsma GA. Comparison of two chromogenic FVIII activity assays to a standard clot-based FVIII activity assay.


The posters presented provocative findings and drew a lot of attention. Several visitors requested reprints, and they are posted here in case a visitor or any of our members cares to print them for their files.

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