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Bleeding Disorders

June 2024 QQ: Factor Assays

Our June 2025 Quick Question is a poll that asks, “How do you assay factor concentrates?” The question reflects the current hemostasis laboratory efforts to quantify therapeutic FVIII or FIX concentrate activity given the variety of plasma-based, recombinant, B-domain-deleted, and extended half-life therapeutics. We also manage factor concentrates that are employed to control breakthrough bleeds […]
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April 2024 QQ Summary: MYH9 Mutation

Our April 2024 Quick Question, “What PLT production abnormality is an MYH9 gene mutation?” attracted 26 responses. Here’s the distribution: Thrombocytopenia with absent radii [TAR]: 4 [15%] Bernard-Soulier syndrome [BSS]: 2 [7%] Immune thrombocytopenia [ITP]: 1 [4%] Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome: 1 [4%] May-Hegglin disorder: 18 [70%] The production abnormalities are associated with mild to severe bleeding. […]
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