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Coag Conversation Part 3: VWF and ADAMTS13: Cardiovascular Diseases

Introducing The Many Faces of von Willebrand Factor or, von Willebrand Factor, ADAMTS13, Malignancy and Beyond Part 3: von Willebrand Factor and ADAMTS13; Thrombotic Mechanisms and Cardiovascular Diseases. This 30″ talk features George A. Fritsma, MS, MLS, proprietor of The Fritsma Factor, Your Interactive Hemostasis Resource, and Emmanual Favaloro, PhD, Principal Hospital Scientist at the […]
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Webinar: The Many Faces of VWF Part 1: Von Willebrand Factor and Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome

Fritsma Factor participants, we invite you to view Part 1 of our video: series ‘Coag Conversations’  The Many Faces of von Willebrand Factor; or Von Willebrand Factor, ADAMTS13, Malignancy, and Beyond:  Von Willebrand Factor and Acquired von Willebrand syndrome, A Kaleidoscope of Presentations.” This is the first of a three-part series sponsored by BioMedica Diagnostics of […]
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Apixaban and Alzheimer Disease

Michele M. Reed participated in my [Geo] Michigan State University’s Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics graduate course, BLD 835 Hemostasis and Thrombosis. Her attached manuscript provides basic information about apixaban’s indications and efficacy and makes an intriguing reference to apixaban as a potential means for dementia management. Click here for Michele’s manuscript, “Can Apixaban Help Reduce the […]
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