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Coag Conversation Part 3: VWF and ADAMTS13: Cardiovascular Diseases

Introducing The Many Faces of von Willebrand Factor or, von Willebrand Factor, ADAMTS13, Malignancy and Beyond Part 3: von Willebrand Factor and ADAMTS13; Thrombotic Mechanisms and Cardiovascular Diseases. This 30″ talk features George A. Fritsma, MS, MLS, proprietor of The Fritsma Factor, Your Interactive Hemostasis Resource, and Emmanual Favaloro, PhD, Principal Hospital Scientist at the Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research, Westmead Hospital, New South Wales, Australia, and is a founding member of the Sydney Centers for Thrombosis and Hemostasis. He’s affiliated with both Sydney and Charles Sturt Universities and is the current Editor in Chief of Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis. All three parts of Mr. Fritsma’s and Dr. Favaloro’s conversation, as well as previous conversations with hemostasis experts, are available at BioMedica Diagnostics, Inc., Windsor, Nova Scotia.

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