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Educational Modules

I’ve designed these audio-visual PowerPoint presentations to provide you with brief but comprehensive reviews of major hemostasis and coagulation topics. Check back often as modules are being added regularly.

Presentations are 20–30 minutes. Please turn on your speakers.

Presentations PDFs
Hemophilia Part 3: Diagnosis HEMOPHILIA 3
Hemophilia Part 2: Therapy HEMOPHILIA 2
Hemophilia Part 1: History HEMOPHILIA 1
Cell-based Coagulation CELL-BASED COAG
Platelet Function Testing PLT FUNCTION TESTING
Primary Coagulation Assays: PT, PTT, TT, and Fg PT, PTT, TT, FG
Clumsy Coag Communication: Let's Blame the Lab CLUMSY COAG
Managing Direct Oral Anticoagulants DOACS
Monitoring Warfarin Therapy WARFARIN
Measuring Heparin Therapy HEPARIN
Venous Thrombosis Risk Factors THROMBOPHILIA
Coagulation Mixing Studies MIXING STUDIES
Antiphospholipid Antibodies & Lupus Anticoagulant Profile LA
Coagulation Overview COAG OVERVIEW
von Willebrand Disease VWD
Platelet Production, Structure, and Function PLATELETS