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Anticoagulant Therapy

Sulodexide Improves Long Covid

Here is a breakthrough study from Tunisia indicating the efficacy of sulodexide [Aterina], the oral “fast-moving heparin”-dermatan sulfate formulation, in managing the endothelial dysfunction of and reducing the symptoms associated with Long Covid. Sulodexide is not FDA-approved for Long Covid therapy. Charfeddine S, Ibnhadjamor H, Jdidi J, et al. Sulodexide significantly improves endothelial dysfunction and […]
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ISTH Covid Antithrombotics Guidelines

On Wednesday, 8-3-22, the ISTH published comprehensive guidelines recommending for or against antithrombotic agents for Covid at defined levels of severity. Below are the task force guidelines and an editorial describing the research considerations behind guideline development. Schulman S, Sholzberg M, Spyropoulos AC, et al. ISTH guidelines for antithrombotic treatment in COVID-19. JTH 2022, DOI: […]
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Heparin Curve to Measure DOACs?

Does your facility measure rivaroxaban or apixaban using a chromogenic substrate anti-Xa assay based on unfractionated heparin [UFH] calibrators or UFH-low molecular weight heparin [UFH-LWMH] ‘hybrid” calibrators, or do you require rivaroxaban and apixaban calibrators? I [Geo] received a 6-22-22 response from international hemostasis expert Robert Gosselin, who cited several references. Many of us use […]
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