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Prolonged DRVVT Screen

Soha Abuelela asked how to report a DRVVT screen above 120 seconds and how to report the ratio.
I [Geo] consulted with my colleague Dave McGlasson. We began by assuming that 120 seconds represents your instrument’s limit and that the actual clotting time was unrecorded. It could be that your specimen has an undetected clot or that the patient is being treated with unfractionated heparin. The heparin can be detected using a thrombin time and may be neutralized using heparinase. You should ensure the integrity of the DRVVT screen specimen before continuing to the confirmation stage and computing the ratio.
Soha Abuelela responded, “Thank you. I have reviewed the patient’s medication history and learned that the patient was on heparin therapy for PE.”
Has anyone reading this post had this experience who may add information about their own experience?
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