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Top Ten Problems Through the Ages

On Friday, October 14, 2011 I made two presentations at the Northwest Medical Laboratory Symposium in Lynnwood, WA, just north of Seattle, “Hemophilia Therapy: Rasputin to Recombinants,” and “The Top Ten Problems in the Coagulation Laboratory.” Thanks to all who patiently listened through two 90 minute talks, and thanks especially to the organizers who invited me and provided support. The meeting, with participants fromAlaska, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, was well attended with a large exhibit, and Seattle was at its best.

I had originally promised to compare the top ten problems of 2011 with the problems Lynne Quarles and I presented all over the country in 1997 and that I reprised in Michigan in 2006. The talk grew to be too long, so I took that section off. To keep my promise, I have listed the Top Tens for each date, as determined by groups of coagulation experts. So I have attached, for your review…

The Top Ten Problems in Coagulation Through the Ages

You may click on the title above for the list. Geo.

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