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Thrombosis in Athletes?

Here’s a message from Michelle Brown, MS, MLS, faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Health Professions. Michelle teaches Immunohematology and coordinates the clinical rotations in the Clinical Laboratory Science program that I retired from in 2007. She was Margaret Fritsma’s graduate student a few years ago and now occupies Margaret’s former faculty position. Michelle is busy raising a family and is active in the local Blood Bank society. I enjoy hearing from her.

George, I have a graduate student, Destiny, who is interested in researching thrombosis in athletes.  Destiny was a high school and college athlete.  She said she had a clot in her leg  when she was 16.  She obtained her medical records, we reviewed them and found out she didn’t have a clot, but she had MRSA with associated complications.   Thrombosis is not my area of expertise, but it is definitely an area of high interest and an area in which I would like to grow.  Are there any hot topics related to thrombosis in athletes?   Much of the literature I have come across in my brief searches are case studies with short discussions of laboratory diagnosis.  I would truly appreciate any thoughts you might share on thrombosis in athletes.

Thanks for your question, Michelle. I’m posting this for my more athletic Fritsma Factor participants who may have some direct insight. I speculate that thrombosis in athletes often arises directly from minor injuries or from periods of immobilization secondary to injuries. Do any of you coag-lovin’ jocks have something to share? Geo.

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