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Kim Kinney at Clarian has this question about the Thromboelastograph:

A  pathologist who trained here asked me about the thromboelastograph (TEG).  Do you have any information on who uses this device, how difficult it is to perform, and QC?  We have had several docs asking us to get this device but we have not gone there yet!  Is it more of a POC device?  Thanks.

Hi, Kim. The TEG has been around for about forty years, but has received a lot of attention in the past five or six because of a number of studies performed in the areas of fibrinolysis, monitoring intraoperative conditions, and aspirin resistance. Here is a link to the US distributor that provides a good description. These instruments reside primarily in operating suites and are global hemostasis assays. The assay is complex, so it doesn’t really qualify as a point of care instrument, however many anesthesiologists like it for its ability to monitor heparin. Like platelet aggregometry, the only control is fresh whole blood from a healthy donor. Hope this helps. Geo.

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