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The January 1, 2015 online issue of Fortune features a video interview of Elizabeth Holmes in its “Most Powerful Women” section. Holmes founded and is CEO of Theranos, a 2003 Palo Alto laboratory service. Theranos offers a menu of over 200 assays, including PT, PTT, and D-dimer, all performed on less than 500 µL of whole capillary blood. Theranos’ menu features prices for each test, which are levied on a cost-plus basis and bypass the byzantine US insurance carrier charging system. Theranos has placed “Wellness Centers” in a dozen California and Arizona Walgreens, and, according to Holmes, will expand to all US Walgreens within five years. Holmes’ methods are proprietary, but have been validated against several mainstream laboratory services.

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Specimen Management
Jan 22, 2015 9:45pm

Thank you for thelink to
Thank you for the link to Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. It is a fascinating read that made me want to read more about her but without much success presumably because of the need to protect trade secrets. I wanted to ask about the CMS certification which allows the Theranos labs to operate. Is this a peer assessment process?

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