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TCoag KC1 Delta Coagulation Instrument

From Rob Lair, MLT Program Instructor, Medvance Institute, Nashville, TN

Hello, I was reading a article from Dan Southern about the TCoag (formerly Trinity) KC1, and would very much like to receive a copy of the procedure he created for it. I am an instructor in the medical laboratory technician (MLT) program at Medvance Institutein Nashville, TN. The school has purchased the KC1 but none of the current instructors have been in-serviced and the manual is confusing. We would love to get this instrument up and running for our current students. Could someone please email Prof. Southern’s procedure to me? My email and phone number is enclosed. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

[email protected]

Hi, Rob, glad to help. I emailed this directly to Prof. Southern. Perhaps through posting your note the TCoag folks may also respond with additional support. The KC1 is a great teaching instrument, and the TCoag folks, especially John Avila and Kevin McGlinchey, have been very supportive of educational institutions. Geo

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Mar 25, 2011 12:24pm

I would also appreciate a copy of the procedure. Would

I would also appreciate a copy of the procedure. Would you send Dan Southern my address too? Thanks.
[email protected]

Mona Gleysteen

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