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Storage Time for Factor-deficient Plasma

From DF Moreno in Argentina:

Hi again. In my hospital we store fractionated samples of calibrator and plasma depleted of factors V, VII, VIII, II, and thrombin for fibrinogen in a freezer to -70°. How much time can it last? Inserts don’t mention or recommend anything about it. in my opinion, freezing is a good way to use rationally so expensive reagents, many aren’t for everyday use.

Hello, DF Moreno. Thank you for your question. Yes, you are wise to carefully store these reagents. Most distributors stamp an expiration date on their packaging material that indicates its shelf life. The date is not usually provided on the product’s package insert. Most products are stable for at least two years when properly stored. Once you have thawed them for use, most are stable for eight hours if refrigerated. Of course, once thawed and used, the remainder is discarded; you cannot refreeze for later use. Geo.

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Apr 29, 2011 6:35am

Just to say that it is the same for freeze-dried reagent bec
Just to say that it is the same for freeze-dried reagent because they have been frozen one time before drying. So you cannot refreeze them. BR

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