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Still More on False Positive Hex-phase Phospholipids

The topic of hex-phase phospholipid neutralization tests that turn up positive for lupus anticoagulant in people who have specific anti-factor VIII inhibitors keeps coming back. Here is a comment from Dr. Jay Lozier of the NIH that takes us down a new pathway, the prevalence of transient lupus anticoagulants during acute inflammatory events…

Dear George,

I have recently stumbled upon your forum, which has provided me with many interesting things to consider in my position as Senior Staff Clinician who supervises the hemostasis laboratory component of our hematology laboratory at NIH.

I would point out that in your discussion of the prevalence of “false positive” lupus anticoagulants in patients with factor VIII inhibitors, it seems to me quite likely that the patient could have a lupus anticoagulant, particularly one that is transient. In my experience with DVT patients and acutely ill patients with inflammation there is a very high rate of transient lupus anticoagulants in our acutely ill patients that disappear as things calm down and the impetus for inflammation subsides.

Jay Lozier, MD, PhD, FACP
NIH Clinical Center Department of Laboratory Medicine

Thank you, Dr. Lozier, and welcome to Fritsma Factor. Your discussion is likely to attract comments in the next few days. Geo.

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