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Some Significant Retirements

This post is not directly related to hemostasis, but I want to highlight the retirements of three esteemed colleagues, Bernadette F. (Bunny) Rodak, MS MT (ASCP) SH, Professor of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program, Jacqueline H. Carr, MS MT (ASCP) Laboratory Manager, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, both at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis; and Carol McCoy, PhD, MLS (ASCP) CM, Director of the Medical Laboratory Science Program at Fairview Health Services, St Paul, MN. Bunny and Jackie are the co-authors of the iconic Clinical Hematology Atlas, published by Elsevier, and now in its 4th edition, 2013. Bunny and I have also served as co-editors and authors of Hematology, Clinical Principles and Applications, also published by Elsevier, now in its 4th edition, 2012, and preparing for its 5th edition. I have also had the opportunity to work together with Carol as co-members of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, where we served together on the Hematology/Hemostasis Scientific Assembly, as editors of the ASCLS Journal, Clinical Laboratory Science, and most recently as trustees for the ASCLS Education and Research Fund, Inc, a source of graduate student and member research grants. I look forward to continued professional initiatives with Bunny, Carol, and Jackie, my colleagues and friends.

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