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Should We Add AT To The Mix?

From Bob Gosselin at UC Davis: What is truth? Do we supplement with antithrombin (AT)…
…or not in measuring UFH by anti-Xa activity.  As you know, there are significant differences in anti-Xa levels when one supplements with AT.  This would obviously impact the heparin therapeutic range for aPTTs.  Toss in the Dade method which supplements with AT and uses dextran to reconstitute the factor Xa, and there is yet another variable.  There is no consensus, and I have “chatted” with Dot Adcock (now Dot Funk, congratulations!), Sandy Duncan and Paul Monagle…so let’s toss your hat into the ring—what’s your opinion on anti-Xa measurements for UFH?

As an aside to one of your previous questions, we have yet to have a request for anti-Xa level for Arixtra…


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