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Seminars in Wyoming and Maine

What do you think about the new cell-based coagulation…

…pathway information described by Dr. Maureen Hoffman and others in a number of current publications? I did a presentation on this in San Diego at the ASCLS/AACC annual meeting and am giving a similar talk at the Intermountain States Seminar in Jackson, Wyoming on Thursday at 2:00-3:30 PM. I’m be talking about this again on Thursday, October 18 in Portland, Maine.

It looks to me like this new model may affect some of the ways we test the coagulation pathway and some of our treatment methods in the future.

There are always a number of experts at these meetings, and I hope to collect information I can post for you from Jackson. If you have any suggestions or ideas, post them here before the meeting and I will include them and acknowledge you.

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