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Rodak: Clinical Principles and Applications

I would like to order two copies of  Rodak BF, Fritsma GA, Keohane EM, Hematology; Clinical Principles and Applications, 4th Edition, 2011. How much would the total be, including shipping and handling? And could you please provide me with all of the ordering information to include ISBN number. Thank you, Winston Williams.

Wonderful! I can advertise our new textbook without appearing self-promoting (not that that has ever been a problem)! Thank you, Winston, and I swear I didn’t know you until just now, though I’d like to meet you. Anyway, the ISBN is 978-1-4377-0692-5, it is $105 a copy, 864 pages, and it is published by Elsevier Saunders in St. Louis. It became available just yesterday. Here is a link to their site with the ordering and shipping information: Hematology, Clinical Principles and Applications, Elsevier. It appears they offer free shipping.

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