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Randolph World Ministries

On Saturday evening, Margaret Fritsma, Katherine Giddens and I had the pleasure of hosting our friend and colleague, Prof. Tim Randolph of St. Louis University. You know Tim as a scientific presenter,  a regular contributor to the Clinical Laboratory Science journal and as the author of chapters in the Rodak and the McKenzie hematology textbooks. Tim is also president of Randolph World Ministriesand was on his way to Haiti where he provides laboratory support for a number of small clinics. He was traveling with his crew of volunteers, including his daughter, Christina, their friend Emily, and Mary Belanus, laboraory science educator from North Dakota. They were headed to the Orlando airport to pick up additional volunteers, and will fly to Haiti on Tuesday, June 3, for a one-month stay. Also visiting were Gordon and Chris Ens. Gordon is president of Creative Clinical Concepts and the original developer of AspirinWorks. Gordon and Chris’s presence was a wonderful coincidence and we spent an enjoyable evening together. We wish Tim and his crew success in their Haiti ministry. Geo

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