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I was wondering if you could recommend a “quick” reference guide that provides a comprehensive yet easily understandable overview of hemostasis (I know this may be an oxymoron).  Our off shifts are sometimes questioned by clinicians (mainly residents) about interpretations of “special” coagulation tests (lupus anticoagulant, APC testing, proteins C and S, etc). While the majority of the information they would need to convey is contained either in the SOPs or in the textbooks that are available to them, I’m told that they are not always the most convenient source for them to use.  Any suggestions would be helpful,
Thank you, Matt
Matthew Riley BS, MT (ASCP)
Technical Supervisor
Hematology Department
Jersey Shore University Medical Center
Member of the Meridian Health Family

Hi, Matt. I can’t tell you how happy I am to get your question. Get a copy of Marques MB, Fritsma GA. Quick Guide to Coagulation Testing, AACC Press, Washington DC, 2006. Dr. Marques and I wrote this pocket-size handbook specifically to address the midnight diagnosis and therapy questions that regularly confront pathology residents and hematology fellows, and it has become very popular. Your question is especially timely because Dr. Marques and I just finished with the second edition, due out July 1, 2009. It will be on sale in the AACC booth at the AACC/ASCLS annual meeting in Chicago, July 20-25. The first edition is 62 pages and costs $15.00. The second edition will be around 112 pages and the price is not yet established.

The Quick Guide to Coagulation is part of a University of Alabama at Birmingham-produced series that also includes Quick Guide to Hematology, Quick Guide to Transfusion Medicine, and Quick Guide to Clinical Chemistry. They are all available from the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science and are described on the ASCLS web site. Geo.

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