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Quick Question Summary: PFT Blood Collection

Here’s a summary of our October, 2011 Quick Question, “What specimen do you require for platelet function testing?” The answers:

a. Two-syringe technique using a butterfly set: 1 (2%)
b. Two-syringe technique using a Luer-slip needle: 1 (2%)
c. 3.2% citrate (blue-closure) tubes by standard collection: 37 (74%)
d. 3.2% citrate (blue-closure) tubes using a butterfly set and discard tube: 9 (18%)
e. We require 3.8% sodium citrate and prepare our own collection tubes 2 (4%)

No surprises here, and it is interesting that a few of us die-hards continue with some of our older collection methods (a, b, d, and e) in an effort to avoid platelet activation. Whether the butterfly set activates platelets or reduces platelet activation in comparison to standard collection remains an open question that some smart clinical researcher is certain to jump on. Geo.

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Platelet Function Testing

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