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Quick Question: Pooled Normal Plasma

Here is our October Quick Question and its results:

What form of platelet-poor pooled normal plasma (PNP) does your laboratory used for mixing studies?

a. Commercially prepared frozen PNP: 71 (73%)
b. Commercially prepared lyophilized PNP: 11 (11%)
c. Locally prepared frozen PNP: 9 (9%)
d. Fresh plasma from a normal control: 6 (6%)

Answer (d) may have misled some folks, but I’d like to make this comment. For PNP to be effective, the laboratory scientist needs to be assured that it provides close to the mean activity level for each coagulation factor. Commercial plasma distributors and local laboratories who prepare PNP assay the final product to ensure the factors are all present at about 100%. A single normal plasma would not be likely to meet this requirement.

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