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Quick Question: Heparin Detection

Eleven of our over 300 subscribers participated in last week’s quick question, which was: “How does your laboratory detect unrecorded heparin in a plasma specimen?” Here are the answers:

Eight (73%) use the thrombin clotting time, two just treat the specimen with hepzyme, and one uses the anti-Xa heparin assay. It looks like no one is using the old protamine sulfate titration technique. Either that means the old method has finally been universally retired, or else none of our more “seasoned” clotters just didn’t see the question.

I am curious about the thrombin clotting time. Does anyone use it for any purpose beyond testing for heparin? Please send a note.

This week’s question asks what assay you use to monitor von Willebrand disease therapy. this could mean monitoring the effects of DDAVP or of Humate P administration. I’m hoping for a strong response. Geo

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