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Quick Question: D-dimer Reporting Discrepancies

Here is a summary of our Quick Question about D-dimer reporting units:

Part 1: Based on Dr. Olson’s guest blog posted last July, D-dimer test results suffer from a variety of confusing reporting methods. What units do you used to report your D-dimer results?
a. D-dimer units: 8 (67%)
b. Fibrinogen equivalent units: 4 (33%)

Part 2: What concentration units do you use?
a. ng/mL: 6 (46%)
b. ug/mL: 5 (38%)
c. mg/dL: 0
d. mg/L: 2 (15%)

Well, it is just as Dr. Olson wrote, there is no uniformity. My experience when answering patient questions on the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLSConsumer Forum is that patients have little idea what their D-dimer results mean, and are given considerable misinformation. This is a potentially dangerous situation, and Dr. Olson offers solutions. Geo

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