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Quick Question: D-dimer Assay Platforms

Here are the results of our 2-16-2009 D-dimer assay question:

“What method do you use to measure D-dimer for the purpose of ruling out deep venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism?”


a. Immunoturbidimetric: 26 (87%)
b. Rapid ELFA (the Mini-Vidas method): 2 (7%)
c. Card latex agglutination: 1 (3%)
d. ELISA (e. g. Dimertest Gold, Asserachrom D-di): 1 (3%)

These results are consistent with my experience, as the automated systems are easy, quick, and reproducible. I’m also glad to learn the card latex agglutination assay is nearly out of use. Geo

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