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PTT Reagent Sensitivity for FVIII & FIX

Here is a question from Fiona McCall at Siemens:

Do laboratories investigate their normal PTT reference range routinely? I have concerns that laboratories try to determine the factor VIII & factor IX sensitivity of their PTT reagent without really knowing what is an abnormal PTT for their current PTT reagent lot number. Can anyone share with me the method they use for measuring the factor sensitivity of their PTT reagent.Your opinion on this would be greatly appreciated.

regards, Fiona McCall

Hello, Fiona. I believe most coagulation laboratory directors require a new reference range and therapeutic range be generated with each reagent lot number change, however, I suspect few of us routinely check for factor VIII and IX sensitivity. For me and for our participants, I’d also like to understand the relationship between the reference range and reagent sensitivity. Geo.

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Aug 31, 2009 10:16am

We do routinely check our PT/PTT reference ranges with each
We do routinely check our PT/PTT reference ranges with each lot AND perform all factor sensitivities with each new lot. Facotr VII is important to our pediatric docs. Send me an email and I can send you are procedure for new lots and factor sensitivities.

Kim Kinney
[email protected]

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