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Prevalence of Thrombotic Risk Factors

I provide two lectures for UAB’s Masters in Nurse Anesthesia (MNA) program. The first is  “Managing the Bleeding Patient” in which I give an overview of the coagulation system followed by a rundown of the acquired and congenital bleeding disorders and how the lab may contribute to their diagnosis and treatment.

The second lecture is “Thrombosis Risk Testing and Anticoagulant Therapy.” From the second lecture, Ben Tomlin asks “What are the prevalences for each of the thrombotic risk factors?”

Ben, to avoid posting tedious statistical detail in the blog, I’m taking a shortcut by linking you to learning module 14, “The Laboratory Investigation of Venous Thrombosis Risk Factors, Part 1″ You’ll find slides similar to the prevalence data I provided in the lecture. You can also access this lecture material as a PDF from the Learning Modules page. I hope this answers your question, and if not, please contact me again. Geo

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