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Polycythemia and Anticoagulant Volume

From Heather DeVries, Indiana University Health: Greetings George! A couple of sites within our system are evaluating our process for correcting tubes. One mentioned CLSI guidelines, and when I looked, they keep it very simple, saying that removal of 0.1 mL of citrate will cover hematocrits between 55 and 65%. Historically, we have calculated to the hundredth and removed with a TB syringe. I am wondering how other facilities address this. Also, does using the TB syringe break the vacuum? I always though that it did, but another facility disagrees. Thanks!

Hi, Heather, and thank you for your question. I’ve heard informally from lab scientists at several facilities who employ the CLSI guideline successfully, and yes, in my experience, the TB syringe does not break the vacuum in the tube. Looking forward to learning what other facilities do. Geo.

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Specimen Management
Feb 9, 2017 8:35am

Thanks George! Anything to
Thanks George! Anything to make correcting tubes easier for the techs is much appreciated by all.

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