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Platelet Function and Storage

A second great question from our Rutgers graduate hemostasis course participants, this one from Brandy GunsolusHealthplex Family Clinic in Shreveport, LA, andJene Shafer from Orange Regional Hospital, Middletown, NY. We are studying the new cell-based model of coagulation and they ask whether the storage lesion of platelet concentrates affects their ability to be activated in vivo upon administration. The cell-based model relies on collagen and thrombin-activated (COAT) platelets; they wonder if stored platelets are able to be activated as effectively as patient’s own platelets. I have found no studies examining this question.

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Platelet Function Testing
Feb 5, 2014 2:57pm

There were two types of studies for platelet storage lesion
There were two types of studies for platelet storage lesion evaluation: in vitro platelet aggregation using collagen, thrombin or other agonists or in vivo autologous viability of radiolabeled platelets, just two references with the second approach:
Slichter SJ et al. Viability and function of 8-day-stored apheresis platelets. Transfusion. 2006; 46: 1763-9,
Shanwell A, et al. Paired in vitro and in vivo comparison of apheresis platelet concentrates stored in platelet additive solution for 1 versus 7 days. Transfusion. 2006; 46:973-9.

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