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PFP Versus PPP

From Robert Gosselin at UC-Davis in Sacramento:

Hello GF,

Just as a side note, in the lupus anticoagulant comment you indicated “…which is performed using PFP, plasma whose platelet count is less than 10,000/mcL.” One has to assume that the abbreviation PFP is for platelet-free plasma as opposed to platelet-poor plasma. The former, platelet free plasma, is actually as it means, and usually requires filtration. Kaolin clotting time requires platelet free plasma for testing. However lupus anticoagulant testing using DRVVT requires platelet poor plasma, which is defined as being less than 10,000/mcL, and there is ample evidence to suggest that filtration is notrecommended for non-KCT testing.

Robert Gosselin, CLS
Coagulation Specialist
University of California, Davis Health System
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Specialty Testing Center

Bob, you may not believe this, but I was coincidentally in the process of developing a new quick question on the subject of PPP/PFP. I realized after writing the LA post that I’ve been using PFP and PPP more or less interchangeably, and in checking with some refereed publications, I see I am not alone in this. I want to learn what PFP means to our participants. Watch here for a new QQ to go up in a day or two. Geo.

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