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Pentapharm Pefakit FXIII Incorporation Assay

Pam, I may have found an alternative factor XIII assay that helps answer your September question. Centerchem… 
in Norwalk, CT distributes the Pentapharm Factor XIII Incorporation Assay. The assay uses the “Kohler” technique, “based on the incorporation of the amine substrate 5-(biotinamido)pentylamine (BAPA) into immobilized fibrinogen by thrombin activated factor XIIIa. The incorporated BAPA is detected with a streptavidin – enzyme conjugate and a chromogenic substrate. I do not know of anyone who is using this assay, perhaps one of our correspondents has some information.

In addition, Aniara Corporation distributes a number of factor XIII assays that include ELISA methods and others. Geo.

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