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Pediatric Specimens

From Teresa Black, Orlando Regional Medical Center

Dear George,
We are looking for a smaller volume sodium citrate tube for blood collection on our pediatric patients. We are presently using BD 1.8 mL sodium citrate tubes. Is there any collection system that you know of that works as well as the 1.8 mL tubes?

Thanks, Teresa Black
Senior Technologist
Coagulation Laboratory

Hi, Teresa, and thank you for your question. Yes, we recently had a detailed post fromSusan Lau entitled “Validating ‘Bullets‘” that featured a discussion of the Greiner Minicollect system. The Minicollect is designed for 0.5 mL. Although it appears to be a capillary puncture collection device, the blue-top Minicollect requires venous blood. Geo.

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