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New and Updated Audio Modules

We now offer 28 audio learning modules, including five that are new, on most coagulation topics, ranging from basic to advanced. All 28 modules have been recently updated, and all require approximately 30 minutes to complete. The Colorado Association for Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CACMLE) is a provider for several continuing medical education agencies, and for $6.00 US, you can take a quiz and earn 0.5 continuing education units (CEUs) per module. CACMLE both issues and records your CEUs. The audio modules are also available as a DVD set from your Precision BioLogic account manager.

At the end of the list of audio modules is a 6-per-page handout of a topic George presented at LABCON in Halifax, NS, June 11, 2011, called, “Monitoring The New Antithrombotics; Whatever Happened to the PT and PTT?” This presentation lists all the current monitoring techniques for direct thrombin inhibitors argatroban, lepirudin, bivalirudin, and (oral) dabigatran, and for the new oral direct anti-Xa antithrombotics, rivaroxaban and apixiban.

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