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Multiple Proficiency Survey Results

Another post from Dana Haas in Houston:

I’m almost afraid to post this question, but here goes….

For hematology analyzers, there is space to post results from 2 different analyzers (not sure about chemistry), but I’ve never seen it for coag testing, so the question is…

Does anyone purchase extra PT kits to submit answers for all of their coag analyzers (let’s say two large analyzers, plus a backup method like fibrometer) and submit those to CAP?  Even if you can run all of the PT testing off of one kit (which sometimes you can), there’s no way to submit the answers for the different analyzers, or am I just missing something? Is it possible to “re-submit” your answers on-line and/or fax and change the analyzers and answers without confusing CAP? (NOTE:  I have not contacted CAP to ask about this. I didn’t want to give anybody ideas!!)

Any and all opinions are welcome.

Dana Haas
St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
Houston, TX 77030

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