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More on Trinity’s KC1 and KC4 Educational Promotion

Here is a message from Kevin McGlinchey, Trinity Biotech, recommending his KC1 and KC4 instruments for teaching tools and describing Trinity’s special promotion for Medical Laboratory Science schools.


Greetings!  We would truly appreciate any and all help in getting the word out about the wonderful advantages of using our KC1 instruments for coagulation student training classes.  Here is a brief description of the advantages the instrument offers in training settings.  We have had huge success with this promotion over the past two years (adding over 50 Medical Technology programs that now use our instrument to train their students).

Thank you for the opportunity to promote this further via the Fritsma Factor!

The Trinity Biotech hemostasis instruments detect clot formation using our patented technique (The Ball Method), which is a descendent of the original Fibrometer.  Our KC1 Delta instrument has proven to be the ideal teaching tool for clinical educators.  The Ball Method uses a steel ball at the bottom of a cuvette that is held in place by a magnetic source.  While the cuvette continuously rotates, your students add the sample and reagents, which starts the timer.  The clot formation process begins and, because of the design of the analyzers, the students can actually view the clot formation taking place.  When true clot formation has occurred, the clot will incorporate the steel ball and pull it away from the magnetic source, stopping the timer.  These analyzers are a wonderful teaching tool and can truly enhance the educational experience for your students as they attempt to grasp the difficult topic of hemostasis.

Trinity Biotech would like the Laboratory Professionals of the future to be familiar with our methodology and recognize our name related to coagulation testing as they move into the Clinical Laboratory setting.  A key part of this objective for 2009 is related to placing our KC1 and KC4 analyzers into educational facilities throughout the United States.  In an attempt to make this happen, we are offering promotional pricing available to CLS/MT/MLT programs or any facility that trains these students on a regular basis.  When considering an order, please keep in mind that we have had the most success with CLS/MT/MLT programs ordering multiple KC1 Delta units to set up work stations for their students (usually 2 students per KC1 analyzer to optimize the learning experience).  This pricing will be in effect for any order that is received in the 2009/2010 calendar year.  Please contact Kevin McGlinchey at [email protected] to receive further information.

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