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More on Transient LAs in Inflammation


The data in the paper I am writing about DVT and its treatment with tPA showed that 19 of 30 acute DVT patients had positive lupus anticoagulants at the time of presentation, of which 11 had resolved by 6-8 weeks of follow-up, and 2 were documented to be persistently positive 6 months later (the balance were positive at 6-8 weeks and negative at 6 months or lost to follow up.

We  see lupus anticoagulants come and go in some patients with inflammatory disorders or cancer at the NIH Clinical Center, so transient lupus anticoagulants can certainly occur.

Jay Lozier

Thank you, Dr. Lozier, the prevalence you are seeing is striking. Interesting to speculate if the LAs in your cases are cause or effect.

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