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More on the INR

I routinely monitor Pat Letendre’s bulletin board service, Medlab-L, and lately there has been a thread discussing whether to report the INR alone or with the prothrombin time. Here is a comment from Dave McGlasson that I found to be helpful.

Many have questions about reporting out either the PT with the INR or just the INR.  At one institution I am involved with they report out only the INR result.  The reason for this is when they went to a more sensitive thromboplastin the results were a little longer than the physicians were used to getting.  Consequently the surgeons ordered a lot of FFP pre-op.  So we started only reporting the INR values and the requests for FFP dropped off about 90%.  Frankly I wish we could report out both because there are many conditions that the INR is not suitable for use.  However, we do make available a conversion table for the PT to INR value.

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