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Mixing Studies Procedure

George,  I have just discovered your website while I was searching for articles on mixing studies.  I am looking for an actual procedure on performing the mixing studies.  Would you be able to refer me to a source for this?

Thanks, Louise Schafer (Louise does not give her location)

Hi, Louise. Thank you for your question. I don’t know of a publication that provides stepwise protocols for laboratory assays such as partial thromboplastin time (PTT) mixing studies, however there is considerable detail provided in several publications that may help you…

Marques MB, Fritsma GA. Quick Guide to Coagulation Testing, page 32. AACC Press, 2006.
Rodak BF, Fritsma GA, Doig K. Hematology: Clinical Principles and Applications, 3rd edition. Elsevier, 2007, page 688.
McKenzie SB. Clinical Laboratory Hematology, Prentice-Hall 2004, page 752
There is also a convenient Coagulation Handbook available from Esoterix Coagulation. It was developed in 1999 and reissued in 2002, but it appears from Esoterix Web Site that it is still available, though the site does not provide ordering instructions.

You will also find some information in our Lupus Anticoagulant modules.

Most laboratory protocols are developed locally by the hemostasis laboratory manager using their instrument manual and reagent package inserts. Many institutions consider these to be proprietary, which is why you don’t find them available from commercial sources. Geo

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