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Joe Lamb’s Top…Seven

From Joe Lamb, St Francis Hospital; The top ten problems in coag, are you sure you want these? I have some:

1. Orders for a factor V when they really wanted a factor V Leiden.
2. Orders for platelet antibodies when they really want an HIT screen/profile.
3. Orders for fibrin split products, we don’t do those anymore.
4. Orders for a thrombotic profile, ie. protein C and S and other tests, right after an event and/or while the patient is on heparin/coumadin.
5. Orders for a Factor V Leiden AND an APCR.
6. Mixing studies when the PT/PTT is not prolonged.
7. Nurse draws underfilled tubes or the blood is left in the syringe too long.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I look forward to your list.

Thanks, Joe, this is a great start.

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