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Intermountain States Seminar September 26–29

I hope you can attend the 49th Annual Intermountain States Seminar at the Snow King resort and Virginian Lodge this week in Jackson, Wyoming, September 26–29. I (George) will speak on “Monitoring the New Anticoagulants, Whatever Happened to the PT and PTT?” 1:45–3:15 and “Managing Hemophilia Therapy, from Rasputin to Recombinants,” 3:30–5:00 on Thursday, September 27 at the Snow King. I’ll also have the pleasure of collaborating with Bernadette Rodak at the Friday morning, 9/28 Scientific Assembly breakfast, 7–8 AM with an informal discussion of hematology and coagulation. Among other presentations, be sure to attend Carol Shearer’s, “Beyond the PT and APTT: Why do we Screen? And Where does it Lead Us?” She speaks on Friday, 9/28, 1:45–3:15. Further, on Saturday, I recommend Bernadette Rodak’s “Hematology Pediatric Case Studies,” 8:30–10, followed by her “Myelodysplastic Syndromes,” 10:30–12. Besides attending a great program, you will enjoy the opportunity to visit the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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