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How to Manage Centrifuged Specimens

Here is another great question from Kim Kinney at Clarian in Indianapolis:

Hi, George. Thank you for getting Dr. Olson’s D-dimer response, it was very helpful.  But here is another dilemma of ours!  I was reviewing the slides from Dr. Adcock’s ASCP audio conference today on coagulation pre-analytical variables and came across the requirements for sample storage.  The CLSI guideline, H21 A5 refers to whole blood or processed and aliquoted samples.  What about centrifuged, on cells, and capped?  Would the same requirements apply as whole blood??  I know APTTs suspected of containing heparin must be centrifuged within one hour, but what about PT samples that have been centrifuged, still 24 hrs at room temp?  Thanks for the help.

Hi, Kim. I’ll take a scientific wild guess and say that specimens that are centrifuged but maintained on the cells and capped should meet the same requirements and limitations as uncentrifuged whole blood. However, I’ve also sent your message to Dr. Adcock for follow-up and confirmation. Geo

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