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Hepzyme Interference?

From Crystal Azevedo, “Are there any substances known to interfere with the neutralization of heparin by the Dade (Siemens) Hepzyme product? We recently worked on a patient sample that I am told had absolutely NO heparin in it, yet the PTT decreased from >200 seconds to 89 seconds after treatment. Thanks!”

Hi, Crystal, and thanks for your question. Just when I think we’ve seen it all, something new and interesting comes along. I knew of nothing other than heparin that is either digested by Hepzyme or neutralized by polybrene, so I sent your question on to Drs. Jon Geske and Ali Sadeghi Khomami, leaders of the science team at Precision BioLogic. Ali responds, “I have never come across a condition like this. Is it possible that either LMWH or fondaparinux are on board, since these heparin-like materials are easily neutralized by Hepzme. On the other hand, an updated list of interfering reagents with a product such as Hepzyme is not always available due to market considerations. So, answering this question is difficult.”

So in response, no, this is a new one on us, unless it is LMWH or fondaparinux (which generally don’t prolong the PTT to >200 seconds.



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Specimen Management
Sep 3, 2013 1:59pm

It might be an effect of heparin-like molecules (endogenous
It might be an effect of heparin-like molecules (endogenous heparinoids), frequently seen in patients with hepatic problems:

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Thanks to Vadim Kostousov for this extremely helpful information. (Geo)

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