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Hemolyzed, Lipemic, and Icteric Specimens

Kim Kinney of the Indiana University Medical Center (Clarian) lab writes:

We are getting ready to switch from the BioMerieux MDA to the Beckman Coulter TOPS and I was wondering how labs are now handling specimens that are hemolyzed, lipemic, or icteric. We have had the MDAs for six years and I will miss their ability to flag those specimens.

Do labs visually check all specimens or just those that are abnormal?  We do still check all samples for clots and may have techs visually check at that time. Thanks for the help, Kim

Kim, because we are using Stago equipment which uses an electro-mechanical endpoint, we do not check for icterus or lipemic specimens. I’d like to hear from those who use optical equipment such as the TOPS, MDA, Siemens (Dade-Behring) BCS or Sysmex equipment. Meanwhile, thank you for your question.

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