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Handout from CLCC Presentation

We’ve not quite completed our switch to WordPress, and I have several messages and topics pending, so I’ve decided to post to our old shell for now. I’m currently in Denver attending the Wyoming-Colorado Clinical Laboratory Collaborative Conference(CLCC). CLCC has a well-attended annual program sponsored by ASCLS-Colorado, ASCLS-Wyoming, the Clinical Laboratory Managers’ Association, and the Colorado Association for Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CACMLE), the organization that provides CE credit for our Fritsma Factor lectures.
CACMLE sponsored a delightful program featuring Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, DVM, who practices in Denver. Dr. Fitzgerald is a comedian and story-teller who appears on Animal Planet.

I provided a seminar entitled “Monitoring Antithrombotic Therapy” that introduced the developing oral anticoagulants Rivaroxaban and Dabigitran. I’ve posted the lecture here as a PowerPoint handout. I hope this is helpful to CLCC participants or to anyone who is interested. Geo.

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