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Global Assays: Calibrated Automated Thrombogram (CAT)

I meant to mention in a previous post Stago-US is marketing a global hemostasis system called the Calibrated Automated Thrombogram (CAT) from Thermo Electron Corp. And another called ROTEM. I saw one of the CATs at the ASH meeting in Atlanta this past December… 
These instruments seem particularly popular among surgeons. Donna Castellone at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine wrote a nice review about them in the December 2007 edition of Advance for Laboratory Managers,  indicating their value in identifying hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, monitoring thrombin generation during cardiopulmonary bypass and monitoring the efficacy of prothrombin complex concentrates (PCC). I’ve discussed them with Dr. Stephan Moll, UNC Chapel Hill, who would like to see more large outcome study data, particularly to support claims for predicting thrombosis risk. Geo.

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