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Freeze-thaw Platelets and Growth Factors

From “abi:”

We freeze-thaw platelets and aliquot them in 50 mL tubes stored at –80°C. After this we process 2–3 rounds of freeze thaw cycles before using these platelets in MSC cultures.

1. My question is, can we process this 2–3 rounds of freeze thaw cycle in advance, say a month prior to use, for MSC culture?
2. Will the growth factors be affected if we freeze thaw them in advance?
3. Or is it efficient to freeze thaw (2–3 rounds) before the day of the MSC culture experiment.
4. Which method do you think is more efficient for cell proliferation?

Hello, and thank you for your question. As I am not an expert on preparation of platelet growth factors, I will post this question for any expert participants who are reading it. Just to get the discussion going, I will speculate that the growth factors are stable at –80°C and that the freeze-thawed preparation would be stable for at least a month. Any advice from online experts? Thank you, Geo.

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