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Follow-up From Prof. Munhoz

Dear Mr Fritsma,

First of all I’d like to thank you very much for such a fast and clear answer. Sorry for my delay.

It’s not actually a coincidence that Dr. Marques and I are from the same city. I attended Dr. Marques’ speech years ago here in Porto Alegre at UFRGS Clinicas Hospital. Since then I’ve been using “” and “fritsmafactor” as sources of information. By the way, thanks for the page from your handbook. Dr. Marques gave us a Quick Guide to Coagulation Testing, when she came here. It was the first edition, I suppose.

About lupus anticoagulant investigation, double centrifugation to obtain PPP is routine and we use Actin FSL (Dade) for APTT and LA1 and LA2 (Dade), screen and confirmatory tests respectively. In that case, we already tested in the second sample; we carried out both tests concomitantly in order to obtain a faster result.

Best regards

Terezinha Munhoz
Porto Alegre- RS -Brasil

Thank you, Prof. Munhoz. I have forwarded your message to Dr. Marques and wish you well.

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