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Focus: Information Literacy

One of my “side” jobs is continuing education editor for Clinical Laboratory Science, the journal of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. This has nothing to do with hemostasis, but I wanted to draw your attention to a well-written and exceptionally practical focus series, “Information Literacy,” appearing in the Winter, 2008 issue. The series was submitted by Frances A. Delwiche, library assistant professor at the Dana Medical Library ot the University of Vermont. The series will help anyone who, like me, is required to write as part of the job. 
What is interesting about Frances is she is a combination Clinical Laboratory Scientist and Medical Reference Librarian. The articles how to use PubMed and other search systems, and how to read and evaluate scientific writing.

if you’re not a member of ASCLS, the dues are modest considering the networking and CE benefits. Alternatively, you can order  single issues of the journal from the organization. Geo.

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