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Fibrinogen Concentrate

Margaret G. Fritsma, MA (ASCP) SBB came home from the October 2009 American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) annual meeting in New Orleans with information of a new fibrinogen concentrate, RiaSTAP®, available from CSL Behring, King of Prussia, PA. RiaSTAP® has been previously approved for therapy in several Northern European countries. This is a plasma-derived product for treating afibrinogenemia and hypofibrinogenemia, but not dysfibrinogenemia, and its clinical efficacy is based upon a thromboelastography surrogate, maximum clot firmness (MCF).

If anyone has been using RiaSTAP®, I’d like to collect some anecdotes about its efficacy and learn whether the standard Klauss fibrinogen assay is an effective monitor. Geo.

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