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Delta Checks

Mr. Fritsma,

Greetings! Thank you for having such a great website for hemostasis!

I am looking at autoverification of our PTs, PTTs, fibrinogens and D-dimers. I am especially interested in using a delta flag for the PTs to prevent errors. I was thinking that the INR would be the easiest to flag with delta checks. We do have many patients initiating and or being monitored for coumadin therapy.  Do you have any thoughts (or any of the website users) for some good guidelines for delta checks on PTs? Any information would be appreciated.

Ann Tidwell, SH(ASCP)
VCU Health System
Richmond, VA

Hi, Ann. Thank you for your question and encouragement. I happen to be skiing this week with Dr. Larry Brace, Edward Hospital, Naperville, IL, who tells me he uses the INR for his delta-check. That is also what we do at UAB. I’ll use your question as a “quick question,” which I will post Monday when we leave the mountains and snow for home. Geo

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